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Mamucium / Manchester

fort-02.jpg - 36495 Bytes
The reconstruction of one of the fort's gateways

Like most major British cities Manchester has its roots in Roman times. The Roman fort of Mamucium stood there from AD 79 onwards. As Rome withdrew from Britain much later, the stone fort remained, giving its name to the site it stood on. And so today a quarter of Manchester is still called 'Castlefields'.
The site of the fort, close to Manchester's Museum of Science and Technology, is now occupied by reconstructions.

fort-01.jpg - 25646 Bytes
The view of the gatehouse from what wold have been the inside of the fort.

fort-04.jpg - 29420 Bytes
A reconstructed section of wall. Note also the double ditch in front of it.

fort-03.jpg - 28958 Bytes
A close up of the reconstructed wall section.

granary-01.jpg - 44682 Bytes
The reconstructed foundations of a large Roman granary.