18.1745 Roman Empire Map AD 116
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Due to repeated requests I have produced a map of the Roman Empire.
The format is A2 (ca.420x594mm/ca.16.5x 23.4inches). The year of the map is AD 116, with the empire at its greatest extent (Trajan's conquests prior to immediate losses).

The map shows:
- provincial borders and capitals
- many cities in their Roman names
- positions of many barbarian tribes
- many major battle sites up to AD 116
- Roman names of many rivers, lakes and seas
- Roman names of several passes and mountain chains
- many major roads
- bases of legions
- bases of major fleets
- names of some islands, regions, neighbouring kingdoms,etc

The map is framed with a beige edging, similar to the background of this website. On each of the sides are three 'conquerors': all in all Scipio, Pompey, Caesar, Augustus, Claudius and Trajan. Listed beneath their wreathed portraits are their major martial and territorial achievements.

The price of a map is US$18 / UKú10 & postage and packaging.
(US$ 17.00 for Paypal purchases & shipping)

To purchase via Credit Card, click on the 'Paypal' button below.

Laminated Maps
Sorry, laminated maps are no longer available.

For any other inquiries, including ordering by cheque, please feel free to send me an e-mail.

Please view below screenshots of map.
Print quality of colours and sharpness is superior to screen image ! (Map created at 300 dpi!)

full-map-01-b.gif - 56677 Bytes

full-map-01-c.gif - 64257 Bytes

full-map-01-d.gif - 63789 Bytes

Legal note: The maps have been created to the best of my ability and knowledge. No guarantees can be given towards their absolute correctness, nor is any liability accepted for any incorrect information.