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Cutout Card Legionary Helmet
Imperial 'Gallic' helmet
as worn by Roman legionaries of 1st/2nd century AD

Here is the result of one of my latest little projects; a cutout card Roman legionary helmet !
Useable as a toy, shelf decoration or even a theatre prop for school or church plays.

helmet-01.jpg - 21292 Bytes The price of a helmet is
US$9.99 / UKú6.50
& postage and packaging.

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Printed on strong, thick, medium glossy paper, the helmet consists of 19 parts, on four A4 sheets, which need cutting out, folding and glueing together. With an inside circumference of ca. 63 cm (24.8 inches) it should be large enough for even most adult heads. For children using cotton wool, or other material as wadding should help with the fitting of the helmet to the smaller head.

The four card sheets come with an A4 assembly instruction sheet. Assembly may be tricky for some. Parental help may well be required for some children. - For glueing I would advise a 'Pritt-stick'.

helmet-04.jpg - 22253 Bytes helmet-05.jpg - 23352 Bytes
The 300 gsm paper makes for a pretty sturdy model helmet. Its printed surface shows details such as mouldings, bronze studs and bronze edging. Also deflection areas on the cheek-protectors have been incorporated into the design. Naturally there is also an angled neck guard and, just as in the real thing, the ear guards stand out at 90 degrees. Notice also the little vizor which, on the real helmets, would prevent rainwater from running down into the soldier's face.

Below on the right; one of the many prototypes required in the development of this model.

helmet-06.jpg - 23895 Bytes helmet-03.jpg - 17865 Bytes