43.1312 The Roman Pantheon
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The Roman Pantheon
The Roman Gods

Name Origin where known Picture Characteristics
Annona Mythical personification of the annual food supply
Apollo GreekGood of healing and prophecy
Asclepius GreekGod of healing
Attis PhrygianBeloved of Cybele
Bacchus Greek as DionysosbacchusGod of wine
Bellona Goddess of War
Bona Dea The 'Good Goddess'; unnamed spirit whose rites were attended only by women
Cardea Household goddess of door hinges
Castor & Pollux (Dioscuri) GreekTwo legendary heroes
Ceres Greek as DemeterCeresGoddess of agriculture
Consus God of the granary
Cybele Phrygian See 'Magna Mater'
Diana Greek as ArtemisDianaGoddess of light, also unity of peoples
Dis Greek as PlutoGod of the underworld
Faunus Greek as PanGod of fertility
Flora Goddess of fertility and flowers
Forculus Household god of doors
Fortuna (also Fors, Fors Fortuna) FortunaGoddess of good luck
Genius GeniusMale spirit of the Roman family
Glaucus A sea God
Hercules Greek as HeraklesGod of victory and commercial enterprise
Hermes See Mercury
Isis EgyptianIsisGoddess of the earth
Janus God of doorways
Juno Greek as HeraJunoGoddess of women
Jupiter (English Jove) Greek as ZeusJupiterGod of the heavens
Juturna Goddess of fountains
Lar (plural Lares) Lara Spirit of the household
Larvae (or Lemures) mischievous spirits of the dead
Liber God of fertility and vine growing
Libitina Goddess of the dead
Limentinus Household god of the threshold
Magna Mater Phrygian as CybeleThe 'Great Mother', goddess of nature
Magnes Spirits of the dead
Mars MarsGod of war
Mercury Greek as HermesMercuryGod of merchants
Minerva Greek as AthenaMinervaGoddess of crafts and industry
Mithras Persian as MithraMithrasGod of the sun
Neptune Greek as PoseidonGod of the sea
Nundina Presiding Goddess at the purification and naming of children
Ops God of of the wealth of the harvest
Osiris EgyptianConsort of Isis
Pales God/Goddess of shepherd
Penates Household spirits of the store cupboard
Picumnus & Pilumnus Agricultural gods associated with childbirth
Pomona Goddess of fruit
Portunus God of harbours
Priapus God of fertility in gardens and flocks
Quirinus State god under whose name Romulus was worshipped
Robigus God of mildew
Roma RomaGoddess of Rome
Sabazius PhrygianGod of vegetation
Salus God of health
Serapis EgyptianGod of the sky
Saturn Greek as ChronosGod of sowing
Silvanus SilvanusGod of woods and fields
Sol HeliosSolGod of the sun
Tellus Goddess of earth
Terminus God of property boundaries
Venus Greek as AphroditeVenusGoddess of love
Vertumnus (also Vortumnus) God of orchards
Vesta Greek as HestiaVestaGoddess of the hearth
Volturnus VolturnusGod of the Tiber river
Vulcan Greek as HephaistosVulcanGod of fire
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