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Views of Ancient Rome

Having revisited some pictures I took of the model of the city in the Museo della Civilta a few years back, I decided to furnish a little guided tour of the city, trying to explain some of the sites and their location in relation to other landmarks.
The pictures were shot on film in difficult lighting conditions, so the image quality is not the best.

The images come with texts which try to provide the viewer with an understanding of the position of the site within the city and its neighbourhood.
Hopefully those accompanying comments provide some insight.

Regards, The Webmaster

Forum Romanum
Capitoline Hill
Palatine Hill & Circus Maximus
Via Sacra
Imperial Fora
Mausoleum of Augustus
Forum Boarium
Temple of Claudius
Baths of Nero
Temple of Elagabalus
Aventine Hill
Aqua Anio Novus
Mausoleum of Hadrian
New Camp of the Imperial Horse Guard
Castrensian Amphitheatre
Theatre of Balbus
Esquiline Hill
Porticus Aemilia (Emporium)
Baths of Diocletian