39.625 Reenactment Event at Carlisle
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Roman Reenactors at Carlisle
Legio VIII Augusta & the Damonii
Carlisle Castle, 18th August 2001

Legio VIII Augusta
Army Reenactment

Another Outing for the Webmaster

Back in old Luguvalium (modern day Carlisle) the Romans and Celts were on the loose again. So I packed my camera and got on my way to find out what they were up to.

carlisle-01.jpg - 31580 Bytes
Carlisle Castle played host to the event. Here you see the impressive inner gate leading from the main courtyard to the inner keep.

carlisle-02.jpg - 45786 Bytes
The Legio VIII pitched its tents in the main courtyard of the castle. Sadly the ever popular health and safety official had them behind a fence for much of the time.

food-01.jpg - 37327 Bytes writing-utensils-01.jpg - 32607 Bytes
The Legio VIII reenactment group is by no means merely about military reenactment. they also have displays on civilian life. Left: An example of Roman foods.
Right: A collection of Roman writing utensils.

celt-01.jpg - 25756 Bytes celt-02.jpg - 22980 Bytes celt-03.jpg - 27665 Bytes
Once more the Celtic reenactment group, the tribe of the Damonii, joined in too.

archery-01.jpg - 61630 Bytes celt-roman-01.jpg - 27859 Bytes
Clowning around between performances.
Left: a little casual archery competition between Celts and Romans.
Right: sorting things out - the ancient way !

scutum-01.jpg - 55905 Bytes
An object of some considerable importance to the Legio VIII reenactors. A replica of a Roman shield boss engraved with 'Legio VIII AUG' found in the silt of the river Tyne in the north east of England.

celt-chief-01.jpg - 27076 Bytes fight-01.jpg - 44451 Bytes narration-01.jpg - 28811 Bytes
The displays contain all manner of military exercises, including single combat. Meanwhile either a Roman lady, dressed in the traditional Roman stola and palla, or the chieftain of the Damonii, explain what is happening to the audience.

staff-fight-01.jpg - 56687 Bytes
Two of the Damonii Celts show off their staff fighting skills. Believe me, things moved at high speeds here. These were experts who knew what they were doing.
staff-fight-02.jpg - 55735 Bytes

charge-02.jpg - 33316 Bytes charge-01.jpg - 38165 Bytes
Left: The Roman wedge formation, used to split the ranks of the enemy.
Right: The wedge in full charge !

pilum-charge-01.jpg - 32791 Bytes practice-03.jpg - 34076 Bytes marius-mule-02.jpg - 25699 Bytes
Left: An immaculately performed pilum charge. The legionary advances ready to hurl his spear into the massed ranks of the enemy. Note how little of his body is visible. There is very little you can attack.
Centre: A Roman soldier with the equipment used in military training. A wicker shield and wooden sword.
Right: An example of a Roman legionary carrying his equipment; note the example of the leather bag afixed to a pole to help him carry some of his kit (its invention is ascribed by some to Marius).

Once more a big thank you to the Damonii Celts and the Legio VIII Augusta !

The Webmaster

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