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Roman Caerleon and Caerwent
by Scott Coombes

amphitheatre-01.jpg - 45228 Bytes

The Amphitheatre at Caerleon was built by the the fort's occupants (Leg II Aug) and was completed in about AD 90. It had a seating capacity of about 6,000 which was enough to house the entire legion. It was used primarily for military training but on holidays and special occasions it was used for games such as gladiatorial contests. One such holiday would have been 23rd September, the legion's birthday (after its founder, emperor Augustus).

amphitheatre-03.jpg - 33879 Bytes
Looking in from one of the processional entries into the arena to the other; these entrances being known as the portae pompae.

shrine-01.jpg - 66006 Bytes
The shrine in the amphitheatre which was dedicated to the goddess Nemesis (the goddess of fate and divine vengeance).

barracks-04.jpg - 43653 Bytes
The barracks. Each room would have housed 8 men. The larger rooms at the front of this picture are centurions'quarters. They had a room all to themselves.
barracks-01.jpg - 53780 Bytes
barracks-03.jpg - 32082 Bytes

latrines-01.jpg - 52765 Bytes
The latrines, where soldiers would have sat side by side when using the toilets. They used sponges that were dipped in vinegar as toilet paper !

baths-01.jpg - 37932 Bytes
The legionary baths.

amphitheatre-05.jpg - 54798 Bytes
The remains of a turret in the north-western corner of the fortress.
amphitheatre-04.jpg - 38157 Bytes

tower-01.jpg - 47861 Bytes
The outside of the walled defences of the Caerwent (Venta Silurum).

A big 'thank you' to Scott for sending me these pictures and descriptions.
The Webmaster