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The Mithraeum
The Mithras Temple along Hadrian's Wall

by Olga

mithraeum-01.jpg - 43922 Bytes
Just south of the famous defence work of Hadrian's Wall stand the remains of a small, unassuming temple which was dedicated to the sun god Mithras.

For more information on the god Mithras click the button below.


mithraeum-03.jpg - 37901 Bytes mithraeum-04.jpg - 46481 Bytes
And this is believed to be Mithras himself, here portrayed astride the Holy Bull which in the Mithras myth he killed and whose blood gave life to the earth.

mithraeum-02.jpg - 37680 Bytes
Three altar stones stand at the back wall of the temple. Here sacrifices would be made to the 'soldier god'.

A great 'thank you' to Olga for these very nice pictures.