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Roman Baths of Odessos
modern day Varna
by Irena, from Bulgaria

Odessos was one of the most prosperous towns of the Roman province of Lower Moesia.
It is believed to have been at the end of the second century AD, the earliest coins found in the baths plumbing system dating from the reign of emperor Septimius Severus (AD 193-211).
The latest coins are from the reign of Tacitus (AD 276). It is therefore assumed that the baths were being used up until the end of the third century AD.

plan-b.jpg - 30322 Bytes
The initial excavations of the Roman baths at Odessos were carried out between 1959 and 1971, the northeastern part of the building remaining unexcavated. The structure is indeed very large and covers an area of approximately 7000 square meters.

RomanBaths1.jpg - 30881 Bytes RomanBaths3.jpg - 35537 Bytes
A part of the walls of the western apodyterium (where people used to take off their clothes and leave them to their slaves for safe-keeping) Part of the western vestibulum (vestibule)

RomanBaths2.jpg - 33586 Bytes RomanBaths4.jpg - 41123 Bytes
some of the remains of western apodyterium, looking towards the small tepydarium (a hall for warm water bathing) and toward the main frigidarium (a hall for cold water bathing) The western apodyterium and entrance to the main tepydarium

RomanBaths5.jpg - 43016 Bytes RomanBaths7.jpg - 38431 Bytes
One of the walls of the western apodyterium A view toward the main tepydarium, from the western apodyterium

RomanBaths6.jpg - 33536 Bytes RomanBaths9.jpg - 40829 Bytes
Teh ruined walls of the western apodyterium; in the distance the small frigidarium The western small tepydarium, a view to the caldarium (a hall for hot water bathing)

RomanBaths8.jpg - 38491 Bytes RomanBaths12.jpg - 35592 Bytes
The western apodyterium, a view toward the main frigidarium The eastern apodyterium, a view of a marble cornice in the frigidarium

RomanBaths10.jpg - 38443 Bytes RomanBaths11.jpg - 41648 Bytes
The caldarium (behing it, the western façade of today's St.Atanass chapel) A view of the eastern apodyterium, a dislodged stone basin lying just in front of one of the doors

RomanBaths13.jpg - 35175 Bytes RomanBaths14.jpg - 34814 Bytes
One of the walls of the eastern apodyterium seen from the outside The so called prefurnium – the place of the ovens heatening the water and the air in the halls for bathing with hot and warm water; this hall is constructed with a double floor – the upper layer had been carried by vertically placed thick steam-pipes made of clay;

RomanBaths15.jpg - 41247 Bytes RomanBaths16.jpg - 41833 Bytes
The big hall of the Thermes, looking towards the entrance to the main frigidarium; The eastern part of the Roman baths’ remains;