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Late Legionary
3rd/4th century AD

By the late third century the barbarian influence upon the army began to be ever more noticeable. Slowly the army begins to move toward the appearance of their Germanic enemies, from whence many of her recruits are coming.

The very large, almost round shield clears bears little resemblance to anything the prior generations of Roman soldiers used.
If there was still any doubts regarding this soldierís heritage, one need only look at the trousers on his legs.

The helmet worn here is the subject of some discussion as it isnít really clear if it was a cavalry helmet or an infantry helmet of the age. Either way it seemed to have severely restricted movement of the head.

The lamellar armour (a type of lorica squamata) borne by this soldier is fairly typical of the age and shows that , prior to the demise of body armour among the ever more mobile soldiery, the legions of the 3rd and fourth century were still largely heavily armoured.


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