17.1717 Cohortes Equitatae
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The Cohortes Equitatae

The cohors equitata was a unit composed of both cavalry and infantry.
Once again we have the two different sizes, the cohors quingenaria of roughly 500 men, and the cohors millaria of about 1000 men.
In a cohors millaria 240 men were mounted, probably in eight turmae, backed by ten centuries of foot soldiers, around 800 pedites.
In a cohors quingenaria 120 men were mounted, in four turmae, backed by six centuries of foot soldiers, around 400 pedites

These troops were not of the high standard in physique and training as those of the alae and their pay was lower.
It was possible for a member of the pedites to become a cavalryman after ten years of service.
Though unlike what the composition of these mixed units might suggest, the cavalry and infantry operated separately in the field.

It generally appears that the alae were the real cavalry wing of the army, whereas the cohortes equitatae were used for general purpose work, skirmishing, patrolling, reconnaissance, escort duty and messengers.