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Illustrated History of the Roman Empire
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Roman Italy
The Empire
The Empire
The City of Rome
The City of Rome
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24 May 12 - Reenactment Event
29 Apr 12 - The Late Republic
12 Apr 12 - The Early Republic
11 Apr 12 - The Early Republic
09 Apr 12 - The Early Republic
08 Apr 12 - Centurion
08 Apr 12 - The Army
08 Apr 12 - Late Cavalryman
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07 Apr 12 - Temple of Jupiter
07 Apr 12 - 8th cent BC warrior
Main Chapters
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The Founding
from ca. 750 BC
The Kings
 up to 510 BC
Early Republic
510 BC - 130 BC
Late Republic
123 BC - 23 BC
Early Emperors
23 BC - AD 96
The High Point
AD 96 - AD 192
The Decline
AD 193 - AD 337
The Collapse
AD 337 - AD 476
AD 395 - AD 1453
The Army
The Army
Picture Index
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Kidsí Section
Childrens Section
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Map of Roman Empire AD 116 Due to requests there is now a format A2 map for sale.
Cutout Roman Legionary Helmet A card cut-out Roman legionary helmet to wear !
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Pictures from the Empire
Photos of sites from the Roman empire.
Pictures from Rome
Photos of the ancient sites in the city of Rome.
Pictures of Ancient Rome Views of the sites of Rome as they looked in the 4th century AD.
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Reenactment Events 2012
2012 Events Calendar.
Reenactors in Corbridge 2008
Photos of Gladiators, etc.
Reenactors in Birdoswald 2008
Photos of Soldiers, Cavalry in action
Reenactors in Birdoswald 2007
Photos of Soldiers, Cavalry, Catapults